So you want to be a “Bridezilla”?

I wanted to share this with you all – sort of an “other side of the fence” view with what Vendors have to deal with sometimes in the wedding industry and My personal thoughts on “Bridezillas”…

Recently I was in my office at home – buried up to my neck in accounts and processing 2 lots of BAS (Yuk!) when I hear someone call out impatiently to me from our locked front gate. As I approached the front door, She asked if this was my business address and when I confirmed it was, she went into a full rant about how she had been driving around Town all day looking for me???

I KNEW I hadn’t booked any appointments for that day, because I planned to be doing accounts/admin all day, so when I asked her if she had booked an appointment, with a real sharp attitude she replied “NO!

So I politely told her that Im sorry, Im busy at the moment and I just cant accept walk ins into my home without an appointment and she would need to make an appointment for a consultation.

Then AGAIN she went on a full rant about how she had been phoning me all day to get my address. I checked my phone (which was right beside me on the desk) – no messages, no texts, no phone calls and full mobile reception! Trying to work out why this lady was on my doorstep, I asked if she had corresponded with me via email to make an appointment, because we ONLY give out our address once an appointment has been booked in (which stops people from turning up unannounced!). Again with an attitude she replied “NO!”

When I replied  “No, Im sorry but I cant see you at the moment as Im already busy”, she kept raving on about how she’d driven around all day looking for me and should be allowed to just come in. I just stood my ground and said “No”.

Within 5 minutes of her leaving my driveway, I get a disgusting PM from her through my facebook business page, saying how rude, unreliable (???) and unprofessional I was, and how she had driven for 2 hours to get her wedding stuff sorted, and how she was going to drag my business name through the mud for this… blah blah blah!

And then signed off her PM as “One Crazy Bridezilla”!!

I sat back and thought “Really, you’re threatening to drag MY business reputation through the mud because YOU didn’t even have the ability OR common courtesy to make an appointment, and because I refused to let some RANDOM person waltz into my home unannounced???? Really?

Slandering a business is a very dangerous thing to do – especially when your accusations are unfounded and untrue! And you will find that alot of business owners who have spent years and years building up their businesses will no longer take this sort of ridiculous slander lying down and will seek legal action against you.

I’ve been in the wedding Industry for over 16 years now, and Yes, I’ve had my fair share of Bridezillas to deal with during that time! But because I LOVE this industry so much, and because 99% of my couples are just the most amazing and wonderful people to work with – THAT is why I keep doing what I do and keep smiling!

What is really starting to anger me is the fact that there seems to be an awful lot of brides these days that LOVE to call themselves “Bridezillas” – they think that if the stomp and yell and throw a tantrum like a child that they will get their way eventually, and they have an over inflated sense of entitlement and believe that Vendors should bow down to them and give into their demands. They believe they are “special” and that they don’t need to make appointments like everyone else or adhere to signed contracts or be respectful of vendors personal times (yes, that includes phoning us at 11pm on a week night!).

So here’s a little hint for all of those self-proclaimed “Bridezillas” out there…

Most vendors can spot you coming from a mile away!!! And most vendors now will decline to work with you simply because of your behaviour. Honestly, vendors dont want to work with Adults behaving like children, they want to work with wonderful clients! And if they had previously missed the signs of your “Bridezillaness” before you booked with them, most vendors STILL will not tolerate that sort of behaviour from you during or after your booking.

Vendors want to work with you to provide you with services and products to make your wedding day perfect and special – We are not your WHIPPING POSTS or YOUR PARENTS!

While most Vendors try to make each and every bride a priority, also keep in mind that you are NOT the only client that a vendor is working with!

So to all of those self proclaimed “Bridezillas” out there, before you go off on a rant or demand about something, someone or a vendor, just take a quick minute to sit back and think “Am I being REASONABLE, am I being RESPECTFUL?” If your answer is NO to those 2 questions, then take a minute to calm down, compose yourself and act like a mature adult!

“You get more flies with Honey rather than Vinegar”


4 thoughts on “So you want to be a “Bridezilla”?

  1. Ian Thomson

    Excellent work my friend. Its a great way to bring up such an obviously rife problem for Vendors by saying it’s a view into BRIDZILLAS from the other side of the fence. So So Very Very True. Excellent work.

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