10 Essential Tips For A Great Wedding Photo Shoot

10 Essential Tips For A Great Wedding Photo Shoot

A common concern that is raised by most of our couples during their pre-wedding consultation is that either one or both of them are slightly “camera-shy” and they fear that they wont be able to pose correctly or will be overwhelmed and awkward during their photo shoot.

Trust me, I know only too well how overwhelming this can be – as I am also VERY camera-shy (Hilarious right!)

So I have a few ways of tackling these issues and have also included a few other recommendations for the photo shoot to ensure that our Brides & Grooms enjoy the process…


1. “YOU” TIME…

Straight after the Ceremony and after the Guest Photos have been taken, give yourselves some time to RELAX – Have a cold drink (or 2), snack on some nibblies, and most importantly, have 5 minutes alone together!

Ceremonies can be very overwhelming for some couples, so just having that 5 minutes alone together as Husband and Wife will give you time to unwind, and become relaxed and ready for the next stage of the day.



Forget about “POSING”!

We like to capture a more natural style of photography, so we don’t want to see you trying to pose awkwardly – trying to mimic poses you’ve seen in bridal magazines and online etc.

Whilst we will always offer your advice and direct you during the photo shoot, the best way to position yourselves is to hold/hug each other like you would in every day life. Some ladies like to throw their arms around their man’s neck, others like to wrap their arms around the waist and snuggle in – and this is exactly what we want to see you do. This will give your photos a more natural look and represent you both as you are.

We also love to capture natural movement and candid shots as well, so during your photo shoot, we may ask you both to go for a walk, or for the groom to lift up or “piggy back” the bride, and whilst this is happening, we’re capturing a series of natural looking shots.



This can be a tough one for alot of couples, as some brides and grooms don’t like how they smile in photos, or can be somewhat shy. Alot of couples think that they are always supposed to look directly at the camera and smile.

Instead of smiling directly at the camera, you should be looking at your loved one and smiling at them! So rather than forcing a smile – just make each other laugh! This is the key to great photos!

Laughing together can look absolutely beautiful in photos, and again, it’s another way to relax and enjoy the process. Some of the best photos we have captured is when a groom has leaned over and whispered something (I never ask what! LOL) to his bride, and the laughter and smiling that followed has been absolutely magical!

Most of the time you will be too busy laughing and enjoying yourselves to even know that photos are being taken.


4. PDA (public displays of affection)…

Not a fan of PDA? This isn’t a problem for most couples, who are happy to kiss all day! LOL

But for some, we understand that they are more private people and don’t feel comfy kissing in public or in front of the camera. We always chat to our couples during their pre-wedding consultation about their level of comfort with PDA.

If you ARE more of a shy and private couple, this isn’t a problem at all, and we would never want to put you in an awkward position by forcing you to be “kissy face” throughout the photo shoot. So on the day, we’ll come up with other ways for you to show your affection in a way that you will both be comfortable with.

Again, laughter and cuddling will always create a beautiful image.



A great bridal party can make all of the difference!

Having your bridal party join you on the photo shoot will make you feel more relaxed and happy, as the bridal party usually consists of family and/or your closet friends. So interact with them exactly how you would normally.

Alternatively, If you are a more “private/shy” couple, you may wish to go solo to your photo shoot – and that’s perfectly fine too!



There are a couple of ways that I suggest to do this, so that you don’t return to your reception feeling absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed!

a. Stay Refreshed – Make sure you bring plenty of refreshments to your photo shoot – Drinks (alcohol if you choose), Water (a MUST), Nibblies or Lollies (for a sugar rush).

b. Getting “time off” during the photo shoot – This is where we will alternate between Bride & Groom shots and bridal party shots, so that everyone gets time to have a break and to sit and relax. A well planned photo shoot makes all of the difference!



Ladies, we know you love your bridal shoes, but sometimes these can be very impractical and can leave you feeling exhausted, so we highly recommend that the bride and all of the ladies in the bridal party bring a spare set of flat shoes/thongs to the photo shoot.

Change into them straight after the ceremony, and if they are required during the photo shoot, you’ll only have to wear them for a few minutes at a time.

Swollen and blistered feet or twisted ankles are no fun, and you want to make sure you’re able to dance the night away afterwards!



Alot of our couples will have their little ones or flower girls/page boys attend the photo shoot, so here are some great tips to working with the kiddies during the photo shoot…

a. Bring a “wrangler” (LOL) to your photo shoot. Preferably someone who the kiddies know well and who they feel comfy with, and someone who isn’t part of the bridal party. That way, once the photos of the kiddies have been captured, they can relax and play supervised by the “wrangler” while you’re bridal party photos are being captured

b. Bring refreshments for the kiddies. A MUST! It’s a very long and tiring day for the little ones, so they need as much energy as possible.

c. Get all of the required photos with the kiddies done first up at the photo shoot. This will then leave the kiddies to be themselves and relax with their “wrangler”.

Alternatively, if you would prefer the Kiddies to NOT attend the photo shoot, we can allocate some time straight after the group & family photos to have photos with the kiddies before we head off to the photo shoot location.



During the photo shoot, clear your mind and forget about everything!! Just focus on the most important thing – you and your partner!

If you are worried, stressed or thinking about things like “has the cake has shown up yet” or “is my reception looking the way I want it” or “has the DJ set up yet” etc, that worried/stressed/vacant look will be written all over your face and will definately show in your photos.



This is something I tell my couples at the very start of their photo shoots!

At the end of the day, it’s just you and your partner, and it’s your wedding day – SO JUST HAVE FUN AND GO WITH IT! 😀

xoxo The NBP Team