“Herding Cattle” Surviving The Post Ceremony Guest & Family Photos


The Post Ceremony Guest Photos portion of Your Wedding can sometimes be the most challenging part of the Big Day BY FAR!

Straight after the “I DOs”, The Kiss, and your triumphant Walk Down The Aisle together, the commencement of your Post Ceremony Guest and Family Photos can often be compared to as “Herding Cattle”! lol

Straight after the Ceremony, Guests are all scrambling around you to say “Congratulations” to you both, other Guests are off to the side catching up with each other, some are walking around aimlessly – not quite sure of where they are supposed to be, and then there are “those” Guests that are just a little too keen to head off from the ceremony asap to “get the party started!” lol

So to ensure that this portion of Your Wedding Day runs smoothly, organised and STRESS FREE for all participants, Here are some helpful tips for “Herding Cattle”…


TIP #1 – The “List”…

Prior to the Big Day, We encourage all of our Couples to sit down together and compile a list of “Must Have” Guest & Family Photos that they would like captured Post Ceremony.

Regardless if your Wedding has 20 Guests or 200+ Guests, by compiling The “List” before the day, you will both be able to think more clearly and concisely about who you would like to have in each photo combination. Trying to achieve this on the day of the Wedding can be near IMPOSSIBLE, and you really want to avoid accidentally forgetting someone in the photos who is important to you both!

When we discuss the subject of the “List” with our couples, most couples honestly just don’t know where to start! So we have provided a copy of our basic list below to help assist you, and of course, you can add or remove combinations as required.


Bride + Groom with all Attending Guests

Bride + Groom with Friends/Colleagues Only

Bride + Groom with Bride’s Whole Family

Bride + Groom with Bride’s Immediate Family

Bride + Groom with Bride’s Grandparents Only

Bride + Groom  with Bride’s Mum + Dad + Siblings + Partners + Kids

Bride + Groom  with Bride’s Mum + Dad + Siblings

Bride + Groom  with Bride’s Mum + Dad

Bride Only with Bride’s Mum + Dad

Bride + Groom  with Both of the Bride + Groom’s Mums + Dads

Bride + Groom  with Groom’s Mum + Dad

Groom Only with Groom’s Mum + Dad

Bride + Groom  with Groom’s Mum + Dad + Siblings

Bride + Groom  with Groom’s Mum + Dad + Siblings + Partners + Kids

Bride + Groom  with Groom’s Grandparents Only

Bride + Groom  with G’s Immediate Family

Bride + Groom  with Groom’s Whole Family


Multi Generations Photo


And of course, if any Guests attending your wedding are reliant on Wheel Chairs, Wheely-Walkers, Walking Sticks or Crutches etc, we STRONGLY recommend that any photos that require their participation be conducted directly after the “All Guests” Photos for their comfort.


TIP #2 – The “Cattle Call”…

So you now have the most important item – the “List”! The next important requirement is to allocate someone to assist your Photographer with the “Cattle Call” – We like to call this person The “Wrangler”.

The ideal person for the role of The “Wrangler” would be a family member or close friend who knows the majority of Guests attending your wedding, and ideally someone who has a loud voice!

Prior to the Big Day, make sure that you give The “Wrangler” a copy of the “List”, and on the day of the wedding, introduce them to your Photographer, who can chat to them about where they will be capturing the post ceremony photos, and at what time they would like to start the “Cattle Call”.

Your Photographer will be able to organise all of the Guests for the “All Attending Guest Group Photo”, and will also be able to explain the proceedings of this portion of the day to your Guests.

The Job of The “Wrangler” will be to announce which Guests will be required for the next combination of photos, and to ensure those Guests are ready for photos when it is their turn.

TIP #3 – The “Cattle Prod”…

During the duration of the Post Ceremony Guest Photos, its natural for attending Guests to also want to take their own photos of family combinations as they are being captured by your Photographer.

However, this can sometimes cause alot of disruption during the process, and can cause you to run over your allocated time if these Guests are interrupting and asking the Guests to wait around so that they can also get their shots. Guests are also then unsure of which way to look, and at which camera.

So to ensure that you stay within your allocated photo time, and the whole process is stress free for everyone involved, it is also recommended that the job of The “Wrangler” is to assist the Photographer with these Guests, by directing them to stand behind the Photographer and capture the photos they want as the Photographer captures them. That way, you will stay on time, the flow of Guests Photos will still run smoothly, and your Guests will still be able to capture the photos they want too.


TIP #4 – The “Cattle Drive”…

At the completion of each of the Guest Photos on the “List”, your Photographer and your “Wrangler” will be able to advise your Guests on where they are required to go to next (ie, your Reception Venue, or for Canapés etc), so that all you need to worry about during this process is NOTHING! Just keep smiling, and remember, you have just married the love of your life!