Uneven Bridal Party Photos – And Why We Love Them So Much!

Uneven Bridal Party Photos – And Why We LOVE Them So Much!

A concern we hear often from couples during the initial consultation is regarding the selection of their Bridal Party – and how either the Bride or Groom has more bridal party members than the other, so they are concerned with how it will look during the post ceremony photo shoot if they choose to have an uneven bridal party.

Or occasionally we receive a frantic email or text from one of our brides-to-be, stressing out because she’s recently had to “demote” a bridesmaid so she’s concerned what impact that will have on the photos.

So what’s our thoughts about photos with uneven bridal parties – Heck YES!!!! We LOVE an uneven bridal party!!!

Below is some recent weddings we captured that hadĀ uneven bridal parties, and as you can see, it can look fantastic!