Why you shouldn’t overlook a Great Photographer if they haven’t worked at Your venue before

A common misconception that a couple can make during the process of choosing their Wedding Photographer is believing that in order to have amazing images captured – they should only choose a Photographer that has previously captured a wedding at their chosen venue or location.

What most couples don’t realise is that an Experienced, Professional Wedding Photographer doesn’t need to have previously worked at a specific location or venue in order to produce stand out images for your wedding. So it’s important not to overlook a Photographer just because they haven’t captured a wedding at your chosen venue or location before.

A very big part of the excitement for us as Photographers is to shoot at a new venue or location and finding amazing and inspiring scenery or features at the location. Each Photographer will have a different perspective of the venue or location and will capture a different point of view.

Part of our process for any interstate weddings that we book, is to arrive at the location the day before the wedding, which gives us the opportunity to firstly meet with you face to face (as most of our previous interactions are all via phone or email), and then go over all of the finalised details for the big day. Of course, we always do our research about the venue and the surrounding areas prior to our arrival so we’ve already got some wonderful ideas for the locations. And secondly, it gives us the opportunity to view the location and venue together. We can find the perfect locations for photos that you both love, and that will also be perfect for lighting etc.

So please, if you Love a Photographer’s work – don’t overlook them because they haven’t captured a wedding at that specific venue or location before!

xoxo The NBP Team